Just a few weeks ago I was in France shopping  with a friend for her antiques business. It was a whirlwind visit, up early, site - seeing late and bargaining with the best ... we came away from those hectic and exhausting days without even one sour experience in spite of the fact that we were often mistaken in our understanding of prices and did a lot of scribbling on our palms. This, not,no,yes.

So, the little gestures were all kind and helpful to us and we needed a lot of help and asked a lot of questions. Where is a pharmacy - what do you call aspirin .. what is a large coffee called - what is the check-out time. In other words, we needed to communicate all of the everyday aspects of life and we received smiles and answers and the absolute feeling that while were strangers if we asked, we would be helped.

And so,it pains each of us who want to be global friends to see the pain in Paris, in all of France and we ache for you - and,Thanks for the memories!

As dawn is breaking, we are searching for antiques.

We are ready for the "starting bell" - ready for the search. I thought it interesting to note that most of the buyers and sellers are middle aged. Have you noticed  that?

The flip side is that nothing can be put out until the bell rings either.

There was lots of good shopping.

Again, a wonderful experience, good shopping and great people - Thanks, again and hope to be back soon.

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