The Garden Gate

Every year we plan what to do in the garden … this keeps me on track to make the decisions made to be thought out as I am prone to spur of the moment gardening decisions - a garden center full of lovelies is a hard thing to resist. We have planted white peonies in beds behind the gray lattice fence thus keeping seasonal white flowers present in this season and, what a joy they are.  This year we will plant a hedge of white hydrangeas around last years project, the patio - known also as the landing pad which is what it looked like until (step by step) the overhead structure was added. Hopefully this will grow to be a privacy screen which will produce more beautiful white cuttings in its season.

I think that large project number two will be to add a gate at the end of our drive way which is problematic because that is where the snow - there can be quite a bit of this - is pushed so the gate will have to be quite wide in order to be open in winter to allow for snow. This width will also dictate the style, making it a double door. Here are some of my like a lots and then the I wish.

Happy New Year - What is New?

I have been reading some blogs about what is in - what is out - on and on. The new things seem to be cerused floors which go hand in hand with a lighter,younger look which echoes the Swedish and painted furniture made so popular by Mileau and Veranda in the last several years. For me, however, a painted floor has much more style and polish and is capable of reflecting many moods and colors. It can also hide floors that are just ugly ( builders oak, for instance ) and add jolts of personality

This floor is painted in shades of white and brown and, I hope, has at least two coats of poly over it.

This Greek Key painted border connects two rooms which both have painted floors. Think how much more powerful this is than a wood threshold connecting two wooden floors. I think this is a wonderful way to lighten and brighten. A painted floor is also not an expensive option although a professional does need to do it unless one is both mathematically inclined and patient. I start out well and then just want it to be done, so I have learned not to go there.

All said and done, I think floors are a good way to bring in youth and color to "old fashioned" homes and those who are of a more modern inclination.

The Millennium decorators like much less clutter, mixed metals and modern light fixtures … I like traditional light fixtures, one metal per area and for a room to look as though it is comfortable, lived in and a reflection of the owners background,travels and family. Here are some ageless rooms I could live in:

While this room has dark walls, it reads a light space due to the amount of light from outside, the light floors, sofa and accessories. Someone here likes color, flowers, reads and collects. There are people friendly seating areas, places to put a drink, adequate lighting and personality.

While this would not be my choice of wallpaper or fabrics, this space makes a group welcome. It has collections, flowers, lighting and books. I like the light carpet and the pattern in it - my eyes go all over and find new treasures with each sweep. This should happen.

While the basics are covered here, I would like another pair of comfortable chats so six could nest. I don't think that a sofa seats more than two adults - so, another pair of chairs.I think I would also cover the TV. All of that said, this appears to be a comfortable upper hall gathering area which is light, has an interesting variety of fabrics, a food / foot place, collections and lighting.

In this light ( floors and walls ) living room, I am welcomed by the delicious curtain fabric which moves like silk. There are cozy seating areas, the eye is drawn around by various paintings and wall decor. There are flowers, candles and a few collections but I miss seeing books. Love the chintz but not the side chair fabric - oh, well.

And here are the books, all nestled into a living room with lots of options from curling up on the chaise to desk work. There is a light background into which interesting fabrics have been placed with plenty of eye candy. This room makes me want to explore it and calls me to linger a bit - ask a question or two. Someone is home.

So there - I have said it again. Most of the "old fashioned " rooms call to me to come in, settle down and be true to whatever the path was that led here - collections, memories - whatever. That is the essence of home. May yours nourish you in this new year.