The Garden Gate

Every year we plan what to do in the garden … this keeps me on track to make the decisions made to be thought out as I am prone to spur of the moment gardening decisions - a garden center full of lovelies is a hard thing to resist. We have planted white peonies in beds behind the gray lattice fence thus keeping seasonal white flowers present in this season and, what a joy they are.  This year we will plant a hedge of white hydrangeas around last years project, the patio - known also as the landing pad which is what it looked like until (step by step) the overhead structure was added. Hopefully this will grow to be a privacy screen which will produce more beautiful white cuttings in its season.

I think that large project number two will be to add a gate at the end of our drive way which is problematic because that is where the snow - there can be quite a bit of this - is pushed so the gate will have to be quite wide in order to be open in winter to allow for snow. This width will also dictate the style, making it a double door. Here are some of my like a lots and then the I wish.