Boston Design Center Trip

Last week I trekked down to our closest design mecca - that would be the Boston Design Center - where I go for projects and inspiration.

The first showroom, Lee Jofa, had this Cole and Son cardboard cut out that made me smile.

It is a snippet from a new wallpaper book of whimsical prints, all of which are beautifully hand - stamped in the manner no one can duplicate. Cole and Son wallpapers are made in England and are purveyors to the Crown and, Happily, To all of us who order. This one is busy, colorful and invokes a grin. Let's dance.

In the same area was a loveseat covered in a classic Brunschwig pattern:

This pattern is available in many colors and in a few wallpapers. It has a stripe running through it which is obvious when flat as here on the sofa or on wallpaper, but not obvious when used as a drape. It is a classic! This was also worth a big smile because I love this fabric.

Color was the story as I moved through other showrooms. In a city like Boston where the last pile of snow melted away it July it is important to get the most out of the summer:

The last three photos were taken in the Kravet showroom. Happy bright decor!