Holiday Wishes

I hope that all of you have a holiday that is thoughtful and grateful for the season. That said, I do have a few table top ideas that may help inspire you to perhaps do something a little different and have a little fun with some simple- and some not so simple ideas. 

One of my easiest table decorations this year had been to pile things of one color (I used silver balls that I bought at Target 6 for one Dollar - and they are plastic - in case you have small children or they tumble out) into what ever container you feel like. They are beautiful in a tall clear glass vase, a bowl or an urn. I even strung the Target balls onto a wire and used them outside to decorate my urns that were filled with greens by the front door.  In this picture balls are shown in various sizes placed in a jar and near a flower arrangement for sparkle and textural effect.

Another simple idea is to use frosted fruit!  Roll the fruit in egg whites that have been slightly whipped for volume and then in sugar to frost - or not. Fruit is beautiful for the season.  Even if it is only a big bunch of green or red grapes.  Lemons, oranges and pears are equally lovely too. Here are a few pictures to illustrate and inspire.

Cranberries seem designed for the season, don't they? These are beautiful combined with flowers but would also be beautiful in a tall clear glass with a candle nestled down inside and a twig or two of green.

Who would of thought of asparagus for Christmas? Here's an inspiring idea - or imagine artichokes, green grapes and asparagus - hummmm - to frost or not?  Granny apples are also the perfect color for this season and can reconstruct into - well, any number of yummy things. A trip to the grocer seems like a good start and perhaps an economical one- after all, it can be used later.