Hello! I am Cubby of J. Covington Interior Design and J. Covington Home.  Alex, my son and I work closely to give you our best design and things to buy for what we call "Dreams of Home."  We shop markets, manufactures, other designers, homes and show rooms to help you with ideas and explorations. 

This is my first blog and so...just a little more by way of introduction and off we go.  I live and work in New England and as this is an October post, I would be a little remiss not to mention how beautiful New England is in Autumn. 

Autumn...not my favorite season as I seem to look back and wonder where summer went or maybe it is the racking and racking.  It is also apples, local fairs, pumpkins, crisp days, cool nights and two holidays which are relatively guilt free. 

The colors of nature are dynamic-warming yellows, and welcoming golds contrasted with the beautiful purples and soft greens of cabbages and grapes-not to mention orange and red.  Gorgeous!

Here's another welcoming look-just the fire calls out to come join in.  Notice that the seasonal cues are here in the flames, the vase of orange tulips and berries, the red bookcase backs and box top and the mood of the art.  You can create this easily-with natures offerings now-a bowl of acorns or pine cones, berries or gourds, a pillow or so and...cuddle up!  Below are a few favorite fall pillows.