The end of Italian hardware

This will be the last post on hardware but here are a few more lovelies:

I hope that perhaps there has been some pleasure for whomever may have viewed these various knockers for, even at a casual glance, I found them to be a source of inspiration and primarily because they are all the expression of their makers personalities. In fact, there was a lot of profound humor and personality and I find that so lacking in our world today.As a last comment, I post the sculpture at the end of the alley we passed everyday coming and going -

Well, it is an alley. You gotta love her - and laugh a bit.

More Hardware

Truly, this collection of hardware photos was snapped within a three block radius of our apartment which was not in an exclusive area of Florence. Here are a few more  examples:

I hope that you are also looking at the wonderful patina on these doors. More later.

Italian Hardware - or Yes,Theirs Beats Ours

Every little street in Florence has wonderful door knobs  - other things also, but walking by on my way from here to there, it was hard to resist the hardware. Our choices are so limited here but - well, see for yourself:

More on this subject  later...