Ah, SPRING is finally creeping into the cold Northeast and although we had snow - big,flat slow flakes - yesterday and today... they did not stick and now the bulbs are poking up confused by the warm and then cold days. Flowers always make us feel better and as I am thinking about them- I am also thinking about how to arrange the not so many we will have now.  Numbers in arranging is always a good thing- so, if you don't have many flowers, maybe many containers is an option.

This Ritz lobby also shows the power of many containers sprinkled around although this one does have a larger centerpiece - beautiful and interesting.

A use for those votive containers... and then, a combination of small and large cotainers and single and multiple flowers.Other beauties include: 

 It would be hard to spoil the beauty of flowers - have fun with them and I hope I have provided a little seed of inspiration.