Checking It Out

One of the pleasures of the High Point Market held every fall and spring in High Point, N.C. is the see what everyone else is going in the world of design. There is the pleasure of visiting with ones vendors, seeing what is new, fresh, popular and well, just what is going on in the design world.

There are certain shops I also revisit to enjoy their outlook.... this blog features one of the best. As you will notice, the rooms tend to follow a color scheme and there is a mis of old and new, serious and just plain fun - including color matched jelly beans. Enjoy.

If the lampshade fits ...

Lampshades can be frustrating. Many come with the lamps or are purchased  at a "lampshade shop" which probably has generic shades ... and, usually a white or cream shade is the proper answer. Sometimes, breaking those pesky rules can add a lot....

This paper shade is available in several sizes and is beautiful when lit. This is especially nice in a foyer or bathroom where a little dazzle is nice.

A solid color can be a nice change but these are a bit more fun!

Makes me want a happy shade!