A Boston Design Center Visit

The nearest design center to me is in Boston. It is currently being renovated to accommodate retail and trade showrooms. This has made for a large amount of change in the past months as many of the showrooms have begun to relocate to accommodate this change.

Why do designers go to the design center you ask? This is home for the fabric and trim lines we use and we depend on them to have large and current samples, delete obsolete patterns and have fresh ideas. Here we can invite clients to test drive the various furniture lines, show rug and carpet samples - these are just a few of the services we depend on. The showrooms, in addition to this, have their own personalities and are design meccas in their own right.

These photos are shots taken on my last Boston visit to the Webster showroom.

An example of their fabulous lighting.

I like this bench but love the sculptural melons ...great form and color.

A display showing furniture styles, colors as well as porcelain and lighting - many choices.

Again, choices.

Love the way the buttons are rosettes on the chair back cushion.

Hope this has shown a bit of the choices at the BBC.

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