The Holidays are Coming

It is one of those ready or not yearly events - the Holidays will be upon us before we know it. This is my finish whatever it is you need to do and forget about the rest sort of week. The malls and local stores are not too crowded - a boon for those of us who much actually feel the fabric and see the color - there are many things I cannot do on line and, actually very few that I can. I think this makes me an old foogie - oh, well.

I also have not begun to decorate. My son who lives in New York will be coming home the end of the week and that is when we will pull it all together and decorate. Over the years our tree has evolved into a bit of a nest theme and I am happy with that - and that they come home to roost for the holidays - and to eat.

He is a little cutie - no? He is the only decoration out  and he sits on a  figure in my dining room who will soon be holding a string of white doves. For now she is  clutching a group of gilded rosettes from an old tassel.

Oh - and there is a boxwood wreath on the door. I am sure you are busy getting ready too! Lets enjoy the season!

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