Painted Floor Options

As shown in my last post, I love the option of painted floors whether a total wall to wall paint job, a checkerboard or any of the myriad of geometric choices out there. I have found them to be cheery, decorative and enduring. I have painted trellis on green concrete and green porch boards, a geometric over pine flooring, sponged concrete to look like marble, and painted over many boring entries. This is such a nice way to add interest and brightness.

In this post, I will show you a few check based floors, none of which are especially elaborate, but all which add to a sense of rythmn in the room and all which are effective.

This porch floor moves from the simple to a complicated pattern as it moves to accommodate the architecture of the space. The furnishings here are simple but the effect is  of a complete design due to the floor.

Again, no furnishings are necessary to dress this crisp hallway as the checks on an angle move one right along.

This checked floor is in softer colors and includes the additional interest of a square. From porch to living area - both appropriate.

In another setting a variation on the check provides lightness and pattern to an otherwise bland space.

In a more formal setting, the floor becomes an area rug. Simple to do, this adds welcome and a clean air to this entrance.

Here the checks are painted but their opposing members are left natural.

Lavender and white make a fresh entrance.

Again, simple and effective.

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