Friday, January 30, 2015

Its snowing again

Just when we here in the Northeast thought that maybe our winter would be easier this year than last - when winter went on forever - this week we were SNOWED IN. For all of you who don't  know what this means, here is my front walk.

It is accumulating more today - ah, spring!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What to put on the coffee table?

This seems to be a question few seem to be able to handle. How much of it is tablescape versus how much of it is useful? The obvious answer seems to be to please leave enough room to put down a drink and a flat surface or two for those bowls of peanuts one is serving for munchies. After that, I vote for a stack of favorite books - probably those oversized coffee table books but hopefully some of the ones you find engaging enough to browse through over and over. This stack does not need to be overwhelming - four or five good sized tomes should do the trick, leaving a flat surface for an ornament or that snacks bowl.

Flowers are the next item I wold put on the coffee table - and the most difficult item to keep there due to their short life span. Orchids are a good choice here due to their relatively long life but not all homes needs are met by them. I am sure you know that all magazine and book shoots are heavily staged and some for the beautiful arrangements are not appropriate primarily due to bulk. An arrangement here is much like that on  a dining table - one needs to be able to see around and over. Frankly, I want flowers on my coffee table but, unless it is a special occasion, I am more likely to have an interesting object.

Interesting object is a broad term but, unless your coffee table is very large, it should be in proportion to both the table, other items and the personality of the room. This is where you will have to  shop for your own needs and fall in love with a special thing. Think of something local or of special interest to you. A basket of shells - a single large shell - a beautiful bowl or covered urn - the list is long.

Candles complete the scene and also provide both smell and flattering light. Use a pair or one large with or without a hurricane. Please only use black, white or natural and burn the new wicks a bit.

Charlotte Moss

Suzanne Kasler

Jack Phillips

Diane Chapman

Baskets and trays are excellent organization tools - provide a flat surface, add color and texture and are lovely unto themselves. Charlotte Moss used a large lidded basket as a coffee table which also provides storage. A trunk could do the same - especially with a painted finish. At my home, I use an ottoman to provide double duty. i use a bamboo tray on top with non-breakables in it and the entire tray is easily whisked away when the ottoman is needed. Here are some ottomans with and without a tray and, I think you will agree, that a tray helps.

A tea table can also be a nice coffee table. It is a good height for serving guests but may be a bit small.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Atlanta Scenes

Many of us go to the semi - annual gift show in Atlanta and each of us sees something different. All of this is, naturally, affected by current jobs, a look and just plain personal taste as well as newness and the abilities of the exhibitors to create a vision which compels  us to enter and to appreciate their point of view. Here are some of the products I was drawn to.

All of these can be any color shown. There are several birdcages ( I think this is a new trend ). The dog bed is based on an antique found at a New England auction. All is new again.

My photography did not capture the fine quality of this dealers hand cutouts framed and matted in various subjects and sizes. They are very graphic and amazing.

This is the classic Foo Dog lamp - paired to face one another but mounted on plexi-glass with small balls on the lower corners. Classic and with it.

Loved the way this chest was painted - again, classic and new.

Classic and new again. I did not see many pagodas.

This little side table is just right. It is a great size and has plenty of drawer storage and a shelf for reading materials.

This lamp has a great shape.

Fabulous garden stool.

These last pictures reflect a calm that was refreshing in the midst of the hustle.All in all, a lot of fun and inspiration.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bedding - Down in Atlanta

The January Gift Show in Atlanta is on the top of my list of beginning the New Year in a good way. I look forward to the after holiday break to escape the New England cold ( although it was cold down south this year ) and as a visual feast.

Bedding is always a fun visual and this year there were many options of style and color - many options of various duvets, comforters, sheeting, styles and coverings for pillows and ...well, here's a look...

John Robshaw

John Robshaw

John Robshaw

These John Robshaw beds have the most fun headboards of all. They are unusual, happy and young. His small print linens are among my favorite to mix and match in size, shape and color.





These four beds are from Legacy Linens, a company which make beautiful pillows, headboards, sheets, shower curtains, duvets,and so on. This company chooses new fabrics each year to showcase in addition to their linens and other solid blends. They will custom size and monogram. It is a beautiful and always evolving line.



John Matouck has such classic offerings - and then again his new Lulu KD duvet blew me away because of its fun, hip, happy fabric and the beautiful tailoring. This line does beautiful monograms with tape or thread. They will monogram any item, in any location and in any color. The following bedding is from the new Annie Selkie line of luxury linens. As you can see, it is a deviation from her Pine Cone Hill look.

Annie Selkie

Annie Selkie

Annie Selkie

Annie Selkie

Barclay Butera

Barclay Butera

Barclay embrasses the new color scheme seen everywhere.

Pom Pom

I am happy to be home - sweet dreams to all.